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The strongest feature of Gainstores is we allow you to connect your online store to Facebook. The GainStores Facebook app allows your fans to browse and shop directly from your Facebook page.

Publish Store

Click “enable” next to the Facebook page in which you’d like to display your online store. Note that only pages for which you are an admin will be listed.

Publish Products

Once enabled you can publish products into your Facebook store. You can either publish all your products or publish just a set of products to your Facebook store.


Inform your customers about discounts, offers and sales in your store by creating and publishing coupons. These coupons can be edited and deleted later.


Customize your store with the design options specified below to create a very appealing and attractive store which will be a plus in attracting your customers.

Store Social Presence

This option can be used to upload store logo in the form of custom logo image, store title or both. Use the checkbox to tick the option you want.


Replace the existing banners by uploading custom banners. Change banner slideshow order by dragging and dropping into desired order.


Change the existing theme colors for text, background, header, footer and others by choosing the desired color from the color palettes provided for them.


The easiest way to create an attractive store is to choose from our collection of cool & different store templates which gives the desired look to your store.


This is the place where you can overview the overall status of your store such as store performance, customer traffic, store inventory, complaints, feedbacks, etc.
New Feedbacks

Knowing customer feedback helps you in understanding the problems faced by customers while purchasing from your store as well as if they are satisfied with your services.

New Orders

Here you get a percentage overall of the number of orders you have recieved in a particular time period based on which you can think on how to improve order rate.

Brand Popularity

The brand popularity gives a percentage view of how popular your brand is among customers within a particular time period.

Total Sales

View your total sales based on a particular day till the current time or within a particular time period be it a day, a month or an year.


Here is the place where you can view, edit, add, search and manage all the products in your store.

Import Products From Ebay/CSV

You can import your existing products in Ebay to your store by just specifying the Ebay store name and connecting. Multiple products can be uploaded at a time using CSV files.

View the entire product list


This is the place were you can manage the inventory of your store such as sold items, stock of items, out of stock alerts, orders recieved, order status, etc.


Here you can add or update your store details such as your store name, store description, store address, payment details and shipping details associated with your store.


Keep track of your customer interests, repeated customers, customer feedback and order rate to get an idea about your store's customer behaviour.