Features just for you

Build and retain a customer base with GainStores by your side.

Attract your customer’s attention with a beautifully designed store!

Choose from our many themes and customize layouts, colors, fonts and more.

Responsive templates

The GainStores templates are completely responsive, allowing customers to browse your store with ease, using their laptop, tablet or smartphone, without changing their overall experience.

Customize colors with ease

Choose from various color variants for each template to make your store look just the way you like it. In the options provided on the admin design page you can also customize the color of your font, header, footer, background and many other graphic elements.

Show off your products in all of their beauty!

Product with ease. You can easily drag and drop product images into the 'Upload Images' container.

GainStores allows you to upload multiple images for each product.

Use the “add products” form to easily upload multiple images for each of your products. Simply drag as many as you want into the “Upload Images” container.

Sell And Browse Your Products With Ease

GainStores themes and design options will make selling your products easy for you and browsing your products easy for your customers.

The division of products into categories and related sub-categories allows you to manage your products with ease and allows customers to reach their desired products without any confusion.

Already selling your products on Ebay?

No problem, import your products and product descriptions from Ebay to your GainStores.

Easy Ebay Connectivity

Now importing your Ebay products to your store is not at all tough. You just have to specify your Ebay store name and connect to it. Your Ebay products will get imported to your store.

Make the most of Facebook by integrating it with your store.

Use GainStores Control Panel to manage your Facebook store and increase your website traffic.

Sell on Facebook to grow your business

Use the most popular social network to grow your sales. Nowadays that everyone has a profile on Facebook you can get more customers by advertising there through GainStores.

Don't waste any time getting your webstore up and ready

Simply upload a CSV with product details and pictures and GainStores will do the rest.

Don't waste any time getting your webstore up and ready. Simply upload a CSV with product details and pictures and GainStores will do the rest. Don't waste any time getting your webstore up and ready. Simply upload a CSV with product details and pictures and GainStores will do the rest.Don't waste any time getting your webstore up and ready. Simply upload a CSV with product details and pictures and GainStores will do the rest.

Share Special Deals and Products

Prominently showcase selected deals and products from your GainStores on your Facebook store from your Control Panel.

Let your customers know about your latest products and seasonal offers through Facebook itself rather than by only visiting your store. Share your new products and offers on Facebook directly from your store.

Design your coupons and share them with Facebook followers, as well as a wider customer base!

Set your rules through GainStores and be sure that the coupons are redeemed according to them.

Create coupons with ease

Create coupons for different offers or sales, and use them to attract more customers to your store – it is so much easier with GainStores. You can also e-mail the coupons to your loyal customers or share them on Facebook.

Use the customizable themes GainStores offers to showcase special deals or products!

Organize your store and highlight products you want to show off, using one of many options of GainStores.

Highlight featured products

Choose your featured products and showcase them according to availability or seasonal demand. This way, your customers will see the trending stuff as soon as they enter your online store.

Check your store performance using GainStores data and develop your sales strategy accordingly.

Learn everything you need to know from your insights on customer traffic, products sold, brand popularity and profit obtained.

Overall insights

Keep track of your store growth, customer interests, site visits, etc. and learn from them.

Use GainStores Insights to gain repeated customers by catering to their interests and satisfying their needs.

Learn more about the order rates and customer retention and get feedback from your customers.

Track return customers

Keep track of your returning customers and work on your relationship with them. Send out an occasional newsletter, special offer or coupon and earn their trust and love.

Use GainStores Insights to analyze the efficiency of your store and make changes accordingly.

With GainStores Insights, you will get a detailed view of customer visits and order status data over days, months, or years graphs and charts you can easily understand and use to your benefit.

Simple graphs rich with information

The graphs describing Orders and Site Visits will enable you to see how fast you are gaining new customers and which of your products are the most popular among them.

Easy Add to Cart and Checkout

Customers can add items to their cart at anytime and continue shopping with no disruption to their shopping. When they're ready, they can use a secure payment system to checkout.

GainStores staff is here for you.

We provide support through email or call to help with any concerns, doubts or support issues for your online store.

We'll keep track of your product orders and your stock status...

... and notify you as soon as an item is low on stock.

No more cancelled orders because you didn’t realize that you are out of stock. You’ll receive an alert whenever one of your products starts running out.