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Getting started

What does GainStores do?

GainStores is an e-commerce platform that helps merchants set up their online store for selling products globally, with an essential line of features such as Social Store (i.e. Facebook store), Create Coupons, Social media marketing, Manage from mobile, Store Analytics & Multiple payment gateways.

What are the main features of GainStores?

GainStores offers features built just for. For detailed info, please check out the features.

Who are the typical customers of GainStores?

GainStores app is usually used by small and medium-sized businesses.

What are the main benefits of GainStores?

With GainStores, it is easy to add products and accept orders. The feature of Store Analytics helps to keep a track of store insights. Market your business to hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe with the built-in tools. Create your store online quickly and easily.

How do I register with GainStores?

Go to the GainStores Home Page and follow the easy steps to register.

Can I use an existing domain name?

Yes, you can configure your store DNS settings to achieve this.

Is GainStores restricted to any particular countries?

No, GainStores is available globally.

What are the different store types I can create with GainStores?

With the wide variety of built-in templates provided by GainStores, you can create any type of e-commerce store. Clothes stores, kirana/grocery stores, automobile stores, real estate stores or anything else you have in mind is possible. You can easily customize the themes to obtain your desired look.

How can I integrate my store with Facebook?

Store integration with Facebook is very simple. In order to do this, you need to be an admin of an existing Facebook page, oryou’ll need to create a new one. Click on 'My Social Presence' in your store's admin panel top bar. From the list of your Facebook pages displayed click 'Enable' next to your desired page. Select the products you want to upload to your Facebook store and click “Publish”.

Are the features of GainStores dependant on the social media or internet operators?

Some features use services provided by other social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Some of our features may be modified or discontinued if we are unable to provide them because of reasons beyond our control.

Is there any limit to the number of stores I can create with a single account?

In the current version, GainStores allows you to create only one store using a single account.

Can a store be deleted once published?

GainStores lets you publish and un-publish your store at your will. If you feel like removing your store from public view at any point of time, all you have to do is change your store’s online status to offline. One simple button lets you keep your store out of public sight.

Can I change my domain name once the store is published?

No, once you have created a store with a subdomain you can't change it.

Does GainStores provide demo stores?

You can create a trial account. With it, you can explore all the features of GainStores.

I forgot my password, how can I recover it?

You can recover your password using forgot password link.

How do I change the password of my store?

In the admin panel of the store, in Profile settings, you can reset your password.

Can customers buy products from Facebook store?


My Store

How do I connect my store to any other eBay store?

Connect & Sync with your eBay store is coming soon. At this point, you can download your eBay products by giving store name of eBay

Is there a limit to the number of products per store or category?

No, you can add products as you wish, but make sure you don’t exceed the storage limit.

Can I revert changes done to my template back to the default template?

Yes, In GainStores you can select changes you want to remove.

Can my store have multiple admins?

At present we do not have this feature, but in the next GainStores version, we will be providing this option.

How can I change the email address to which I receive my customer feedbacks?

You can always update your store support contact details in settings page.

Can I disable a set of products from being displayed in published store?

Yes, you can always choose which products are visible and which ones are hidden.

Orders and Shipping

How do I know if I get an order?

You will get notified by email and in store it will show up in the Orders page of your store.

What's the next step after receiving an order?

Upon receiving an order, get the receipt printed and prepare the shipment. Then, enter the shipment details and send them in an email to your buyer.

How do I check the status of orders?

You can view the status of orders in Admin panel, in Orders tab. You can browse orders by their status, time or by applying filters in the Admin panel, in the Reports tab.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, as a merchant, you will have an option to cancel any order and notify the buyer.

Can I take orders in automobile and real estate stores?

There will not be any online orders possible in automobile and real estate stores. Customers can deal with the merchant via contact details provided in the store.

How can I set up my shipping rates and carriers?

GainStores offer FedEx & Aramex shipping carriers and you can set your shipping days and rates in Store settings → Shipping tab in the Admin panel.

Can I also set up local shipping carriers?

You can setup your local shipping person and assign him/her orders in Shippers tab in the Admin panel. The corresponding courier will get updates for his registered e-mail or he/she can get updates in GainStores courier application (coming soon in Android).

Does GainStores have an option to add additional charge for COD orders?

Not at this point.

How do I set up the shipping charges?

Please click on the Shipping tab, inside the GainStores Settings page, there you can find Free Shipping, Flat Rate & Ship by Weight options. You can choose or update configurations as you need.

Taxes & Accepting Payments

What are the taxes charged on transactions?

Taxes can be customizable in the Settings page of store Admin panel. Merchant can define how the taxes are charged for different states.If no tax zone is created there won't be any taxes included in transaction charges.

What are the transaction charges for local and international trade?

Per Transaction charges are subject to the payment gateway & its subscription plan you opted for. For more information, please check Payment gateway charges.

Is tax included in the product price?

No, by default, tax is not included in the product price, until you specify tax rates in the Settings page.

How and when is the money transferred?

Time taken to transfer money varies. It depends on the type of payment gateway you opted for. For more information, please check Payment gateway guidelines.

Can I provide different tax percentages based on customer's addresses (state, zip code etc.)?

At this point, you can specify tax rates based on customer’s state.

Which payment gateways does GainStores support?

We do support PayU, PayPal, Zaakpay, Stripe, and COD.

Is it safe to use the credit cards and debit cards through GainStores?


Does GainStores provide COD feature?

Yes, GainStores has the COD Feature.

Payments/Subscription Rules

What are the pricing plans of GainStores?

Pricing details are available at Pricing page. GainStores has the following pricing plans: Free Trial for 14 days and Subscription.

What methods of payment can be used by my store customers?

GainStores is providing the payment method country-wise. For India we are using PayU, PayuMoney, PayPal, Zaakpay as payment gateway and for the rest of the world we have other payment gateways, like PayPal and Stripe.

Can funds be accepted manually?

No, not yet. GainStores is not offering that feature at the moment..

What type of subscriptions does GainStores have?

The three available subscription types are: CLASSIC, POWER, and ULTRA. For more details please see Pricing.

How can I upgrade my subscription plan?

You can upgrade your subscription plan by visiting your profile page.

Can I retrieve store data that I used earlier?

If your subscription or store is not active for a long time, you may not be able to recover it. In this case, please contact support for help with your store details.

Can I sell products when my store is in Trial period?

No, the purpose of trial period is for to gain experience/understanding of the platform.

Can I give refunds through GainStores?

Refunds are not available.

Can I get a credit or extend my subscription billing period?


Are there any exclusive offers for GainStores's first-time subscribers?

Keep looking at our site, if we have any offers or discounts will announce them there.

Which type of payment can I use for my GainStores subscription plan?

Subscriptions can be charged only through credit cards.

Are there any terms I should know before joining GainStores?

At the time of signup you will be shown all the tTerms and Conditions.

Can you help promote my store and products in social media?

Yes, we do provide a help document for you can learn from.

Can I get referral bonus if I refer a merchant?

Yes, you can get, you can find more information on your profile page.

How do I subscribe to GainStores?

Its simple like any other online service, just go to GainStores and click Sign Up and fill in the required details.

I am concerned about the privacy of my personal information I share with GainStores...

The information related to credit cards is secured; please see our Privacy Policy document for more details.

What is the charge if I need any other payment gateway apart from what you are offering right now?

We just provide payment gateway integration, some of the payment gateways provide better rates if you go with GainStores.

My Account

How am I going to get billed?

You will get billed at the beginning of every month. If we are, for any readon, unable to process the payment for 30 days, your store will become inactive (unpublished).

How can I make my subscription payment?

You can make payments only from your credit card, please check Pricing for more info.


How can I contact customer support if I have problems with my store?

You can contact us through email or call us, please check Contact for more info.

Does GainStores provide a mobile application?

Yes, we are providing the mobile app to manage your store on the go.

Are there any additional service charges for maintaining the store?

This completely depends on the type of services you are looking for. Feel free to contact our service partners for any additional services.